Welcome to the WMS Attendance Office.

Sign Out Procedures

In order to sign out your student, you MUST show proper ID. We can not release students
without verifying identification. Please do not call and ask us to send your student out to the
parking lot. We can not send students out to the parking lot without checking ID. This policy is in
place for the safety of our students. We need to be able to verify who we are sending the student  with.

To avoid students sitting in the attendance office waiting for parents/guardians and missing
valuable class time, we will no longer call students down to the office ahead of a
parents/guardians arrival.


Late Arrivals

If your student is late to school, you are required to call to verify or send a signed note to avoid
disciplinary action. Students should sign in immediately at the attendance office upon arrival to
school. Three (3) late arrivals will result in a referral to the grade level principal.


       Contact Information


       Mrs. Neske

       Attendance Secretary